Your well wishes and/or spending the weekend with us is the only gift we ask for! Truly, we don't need any material gifts. In resonse to those of who won't leave us alone until we give you an excuse to hit the mall....here ya go....

  • Want to help us set up or clean up over the weekend? Want a good home for those plants you just divided? Found a like-new compost tumbler on Craig's List? Write poetry? Paint fences? Unique expressions of you or help with the event would be awesome wedding gifts!

    Added on Wed, Jan 23rd 2008

  • http://www.hrc.org/mollyandlaurie

    The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) has set up a wedding registry to direct 100% of funds raised to fight the anti-marriage initiative on the California ballot. No, we don't live in California, but marriage equality in any state is a step towards marriage equality in all states.

    You can read our profile and make a donation in our name by clicking the link above then following the instructions.

    If you're looking for inspiration, read the profiles of all the couples on the HRC wedding page. Who says people don't stay together forever anymore?

    Added on Thu, Jul 24th 2008