Immense Gratitude

We'd like to thank the Academy...
  • Non-vendors, we could not have done this without you!

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    Saira Aslam - for being our Day-of-Coordinator,

    Cheri Meyers and Susan Anderson - for decorating the Port-a-Potty,

    Eric Gimmestad & Kate Jackson - for making the directional wedding signs,

    Katie Kovacich - Hair Stylist / All around Bridal Brigade

    Jen Romich & Adele Botha - for planting, harvesting and arranging all the flowers,

    Becky Mavon - for designing and printing the programs & table cards,

    Roxanne Fonder Reeve - for being our superb celebrant/officiant,

    Lisa Marshall - for providing live guitar music & coordinating the sound logistics,

    Chris Watts & Kerry Beeson-Lemieux - for singing their gorgeous hearts out during the ceremony,

    Stuart Cohn & Scout Hill - for helping with the invitations,

    Christine Jeskie - for putting together all of the non-adult goodie-bags,

    Mom Metz, Emily Griswold and Kerry Beeson-Lemieux - for shopping for and making Friday night's delicious Rehearsal dinner meal, and

    To the countless folks who helped decorate and clean-up - THANK YOU!!!

    Added on Mon, Nov 10th 2008

  • Big Day Paparazzi - Jenny Jiménez

    Through yet another Off-beat Bride tip, we found our dreamy Wedding Photographer. Jenny invited us over to her cozy home, and Laurie and I knew instantly that she would be a perfect fit for us. I just know that our guests will be at ease with her 'roaming' around. Check out some of her Amazing Photos!

    Added on Fri, Jan 25th 2008

  • The Food - Gere-a-Deli

    This Anacortes hot-spot served homemade traditional family recipes such as Granny Gere's Marionberry Cobbler & Grandma Mcphee's creamy mashed potatoes along with appetizers, Roast Beef, Dijon Chicken, Roasted Fall Vegetables, Fidalgo Salad, Brownies and the ice-cream...YUMMM!

    Added on Mon, Oct 27th 2008

  • Droppin' the Beats - DJ Joy

    We could not ask for a more perfect DJ. We heard DJ Joy in a club, danced all night, and asked if she did private parties....and well, bring your dancing shoes, because DJ Joy gets 'em all out on the dance floor!

    Added on Fri, Aug 1st 2008

  • The Dress - Wai-Ching

    Molly's one of a kind dress, made from hand-dyed silks, was made by Chrissy, the owner and designer of Wai-Ching (her studio is in Pioneer Square). Please visit Chrissy's website and prepare to have your head explode from the innovative gorgeousness....

    Added on Mon, Oct 27th 2008

  • The Jacket - Synapse 206

    Another Pioneer Square gem we found was Tina Bueche, the owner of Synapse 206. Tina took one look at Laurie and started pulling great outfits off the rack from.... Synapse 26 is overflowing with creative clothing and accessories from more than 28 independent designers, both local and international.

    Added on Mon, Oct 27th 2008

  • Relief Station - Wizards of Ooze

    They didn't provide the decorations, but The Wizards of Ooze did provide friendly, reliable service for all of our potty needs!

    Added on Mon, Oct 27th 2008