Wedding Details

  • Ceremony and Reception

    Guemes Island Resort

    On Saturday, drinks and appetizers will be available at 3:00pm. The Ceremony will begin at 4:00pm. Reception and rock 'n' roll will follow!

    If the weather is nice, the Ceremony will be outside in the park below. We will then walk 150 yards to the other end of the resort and enjoy food and dance in the big-top tent. If the weather is wet, we will arrange for the ceremony to be in the tent. Romantic either way dont cha think?

    Youngs park

    Added on Mon, Feb 4th 2008

  • What To Expect...

    Guemes Island Resort

    The Ceremony: If we are outside, it may be chilly. Feel free to bring a blanket or something to keep you warm.

    Reception: You'll be fed, schmoozed, entertained, and possibly embarrassed, all in a splendid setting. There will be dancing. And hugging! :-)

    Dress Code....SHINE ON!
    We encourage you to dress up while not worrying about any of the standard wedding rules about what you should or should not wear. In part to thumb our noses at the idea that the bride/s must be the absolute center of attention at all times, and mostly to encourage you all to show off your fabulous selves…. We invite you to dress up – heck OUTSHINE THE BRIDES if you want to!

    Everything you've heard about appropriate wedding guest garb: no white dresses, no tiaras, no bright colors, no excessive bling (all eyes on the bride/s!) We say, boo to all that. We know our friends, and we know that you clean up well - yes... y'all are HOT. So what better way for you to celebrate our union and party down with us than to dress to the nines with our full blessing!

    Laurie will be in pants, a sizzling hot designer jacket and leather boots. I'm wearing a (non-white) dress made by a local designer. My father is wearing a tux (Yeowie - can't wait!), one male guest is flirting with us about wearing an all-white suit (hawtness!) and another guest might come in her hot red hat (awesome!).

    Basically, dress up, have fun, most importantly, be yourself and don't worry about any standard wedding rules. Because, as you might have noticed, we are not too concerned with standard wedding rules.

    Safety Note: This will be an outdoor affair with some lumpy grass, so any pretty stilettos would be at your own risk. =)

    Added on Thu, Dec 20th 2007

  • Directions to Guemes Island Resort

    Guemes Island is a five-minute ferry ride from Anacortes. As you enter Anacortes on Highway 20, turn right (north) onto Commercial (a.k.a. the main drag). Then turn left (west) on 6th Avenue to the Guemes Island Ferry terminal at 6th & "I" street.

    Cute little guemees island ferry

    When you drive off the ferry onto Guemes Island, continue straight on Guemes Island Road for about 4 miles (the road will bend to the left as you get close to the water). The resort is at the very end of that main road. We will provide cute wedding signage to guide you. =)

    We encourage carpooling; there is free parking at the ferry terminal and at the resort.

    Guemes island map

    Added on Sun, Feb 3rd 2008

  • Why October? Why Guemes Island

    We love Fall and all of its gorgeousness, and we wanted a Pacific Northwest experience for us and all of our guests. A good friend recommended Guemes Island Resort. We checked it out, fell in LOVE with it and learned that, sadlly, they were 100% booked up for all of 2008 - Yikes.

    We ended up sharing our story with the owners of the resort and asked to be on a waitlist. To our surprise, they asked one of their guest groups, a Solar Convention, to shorten its annual conference in order to open up a weekend for us to marry...and there ya have it - October 25th, 2008 - Guemes Island Resort! We are so grateful and so thrilled!

    Laurie and I, our families and a few friends will be filling up all of the beds at the resort for the weekend of the Wedding! Click on 'Area Info' to the right to learn more about other lodging options.


    Added on Mon, Oct 27th 2008