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  • Chicago, Illinois

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    This website is so you both - a labor of love. Moms get all mushy inside when they can share in their children's joy. Every time I talk to you across the miles, the joy comes through loud and clear and of course, I get all mushy and happy too. The love that you share expands to include so many more people that it has a beautiful life of its own. Thank you for including me in its circle. Mom

    Added by Maryanne Metz on Thu, Dec 6th 2007

  • Columbus, Ohio

    Ladies...start your engines!!! Your time together before and after the wedding is the real stuff. The wedding is just the icinig on the cake. Actually, maybe it is more like the fly in the corner that gets stuck on the icing without anyone knowing. I can't wait to celebrate with you and all your loved ones. I'm sure it will be a weekend we will talk about for many years to come. Can't wait...

    Added by Watts on Thu, Dec 6th 2007

  • Western Springs, Illinois

    What an exciting time in your lives -- and all those that love you sooooo! Molly is such a very precious person in my life. A sister is a special gift. It is a joy to see you so happy and in love. You two are so fortunate to find each other and the compliment that you bring to the other. I am thrilled for you and can't wait to celebrate. I am sad to be so far but I know that you feel my love. Thank you for being wonderful you. I LOVE YOU! Cheers to you! xoxo

    Added by Becky Metz Mavon on Fri, Dec 7th 2007

  • Seattle

    Thanks, Moms, for making me legit. I love you both!

    Added by Ripley on Sat, Dec 22nd 2007

  • Redmond, WA

    Beautiful ...

    Thank you for the Tears of joy....middle of the day!

    Warmth of Hopeful, swirling around my heart and a soul lifting tickling tune ...bubbling over the edges of my smile....big and broad for Molly and Laurie....for me, blessed to invited to dive in with you! Beautiful, beautiful joy!

    Added by Kerry Beeson-Lemieux on Sat, Dec 22nd 2007

  • Barrington, IL

    Great news from the daughter of another very special person; all the very best to you both!

    Added by Jim Tuttle on Sat, Dec 22nd 2007

  • Christchurch, New Zealand

    Beautiful story and beautiful people! Love this website. It is so cool to be a part of it from afar. Thanks for opening up like that. I am pretty sure you can add New Zealand to your list of legal places for marriage. :) Wishing you all the best in years to come! Hope we can all meet up one day! (Wooster, Washington? Jewell? Anywhere!!!)

    Much Love,

    The Cowie's

    Added by Lesley, John, Charlie and Maisy Cowie on Mon, Feb 4th 2008

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  • the basement

    I am so happy for you both.

    Added by Scout on Tue, Feb 5th 2008

  • Portland, Harkness Circus and Boarding House

    Bing! Bang! Boom! It seems like only yesterday we watched you dance around in a field soaked in champagne. What a beautiful and romantic spot you have chosen for your nuptual blastoff. We can't wait to dance with you on that island.

    Devin and Kerry

    Added by Devin and Kerry on Tue, Feb 5th 2008

  • Seattle

    You guys are $%#@ crazy - I am so excited for your wedding because I know it is going to be an awesome time - Buster/McGyver have no idea what is going on but they love you guys.

    Added by Crystal, Buster, McGyver on Wed, Feb 6th 2008

  • Seattle

    Hey girls congratulations on the impending nuptials. Yay looks like a fantastic place for a wedding. Very happy for you both!

    Added by Jen (of the bellejens) on Thu, Feb 7th 2008

  • Georgetown Maine

    It's about frickin time!!! WAHOOOO!! I am sooo excited for you guys and would have called as soon as I got the invite but it was 6 AM your time so there ya go! I love you and can't wait for the party! I was thinking of coming early, like NOW so we can hang out but I am trying to control my enthusiam. So congrats and I will see you soon.

    kisses to Ripley,


    Added by Sarah- "token straight friend" on Sat, Feb 9th 2008

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  • Sammamish, WA

    We're both so excited for you! Your invitation and website are amazing! Nancy especially loves the CD! Mazal Tov! Love, Nancy and Scott

    Added by Scott & Nancy on Sat, Feb 9th 2008

  • Seattle, WA

    Can I be other "token straight friend"? Yay!

    Congratulations Molly. I wish you a lifetime of happiness and health together!

    Added by Rebecca on Wed, Feb 13th 2008

  • Newcastle, WA

    We love you both!!

    Added by Becca and Craig Palm on Thu, Feb 14th 2008

  • Tucson, Az.

    Molly and Laurie-

    I'm so glad that you included us in your celebration! Molly, you have been like a 4th daughter to me and I love you. Your invitation and CD were so creative and fun. The location for the wedding looks breathtaking! It makes me so happy to see you so enthused and committed. We wish you both a long and enriched life together. Steve and I are looking forward to coming to the wedding and we will get to meet Laurie. We plan to stay in Anacortes. Thanks for the information. Love you, Marty

    Added by Marty and Steve Harsch on Thu, Feb 21st 2008

  • Cape Town, South Africa

    Hello there! Hehehe...it seems we have the prestigious achievement of being the first people outside of the North American Continent to have visited your site! This looks like SOOOOOO much fun! We'd LOVE to be there...maybe we'll win the lottery or something then we can... ;-)

    Lovely to hear from you guys! We will keep in touch.

    Added by Michael and Sieraaj on Sat, Feb 23rd 2008

  • Hinsdale, IL

    Molly, you have been such an amazing friend for over 27 years, and it is so wonderful to see you so happy! I am glad that I have had a chance to meet Laurie and begin to get to know her better. It is clear that you and Laurie bring out the best in one another. I wish you both many happy todays and tomorrows, and I can't wait to help you celebrate in October. Love, Chandra

    Added by Chandra Littooy on Sun, Feb 24th 2008

  • currently, los angeles

    Hi Molly and Laurie!!

    Such a great website with a ton of great info. Congratulations -- I'm so happy for you both. I like the note Ripley left ;)

    Added by katielemmon on Mon, Feb 25th 2008

  • Chicago

    Dear Molly and Laurie,
    How happy I am for you both! This is a stunning website, and helps us all feel closer to you both and to the BIG DAY across the miles. From one who has known Molly all her life, I am looking forward with much eager anticipation to joining you on the island to celebrate the marriage of two very special young women. We'll have a blast.
    with much love,

    Added by Diana Nelson on Mon, Feb 25th 2008

  • Montreal

    Congratulations Molly and Laurie! Thanks for sharing your story. We wish you great joy in all your planning and we very much hope to be there for the big day.
    Love, Ellen and Marie-Helene

    Added by Ellen and Marie-Helene on Sun, Mar 2nd 2008

  • Bonney Lake WA

    CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU BOTH !!! I wish you so much joy and happiness( and hope to help you stay looking fantastic, Molly !!!) Best wishes XOXOX


    Added by Sandra YOUR HAIR DIVA on Thu, May 15th 2008

  • KC...Soon to be Chicago :)

    Molly. I am so happy for you and I'm so glad we got in touch. You are a cornerstone of my childhood memories. I met you and Chandra around the time that first grade picture was taken (above). Hopefully we will spend some time together, sometime soon. I look forward to meeting Laurie. I wish you all the best.

    Added by Brandon Beavers on Fri, May 16th 2008

  • Massachusetts

    To the most loving new couple I have met in years,

    Is there a more perfectly matched couple? I am thrilled to have Lauire as a member of my family. These two women, as individuals and as a couple are contributing to a better world. Their sensitivity has blessed my heart and opened me up to be a more loving person. I bless the world for giving them to me as my family members.

    Kristine Bahr, aunt of Molly.....and soon to be aunt, by marriage to Laurie Cox

    Added by kristine bahr on Sun, Jun 22nd 2008

  • Seattle, WA

    Thanks for sharing this site. It is beautiful and awesome just like the two of you!

    Added by Leslie Lippi on Thu, Aug 7th 2008

  • Minneapolis, MN

    Congrats to you both! I love this website, it's great to hear what you're up to. Have a wonderful day and remember to slow down and take it all in. It goes so fast! Much love, Reen

    Added by Maureen Plunkett on Sat, Aug 9th 2008

  • Seattle, Wa

    Hey you two crazy gals.....it's almost the big day! We mean weekend! You will have so much fun with yoru friends and family around you dancing with tears of joy! We are so glad we get to be there with you!

    Added by Kerry, Garrett and Lauren on Wed, Oct 1st 2008

  • Kingston, WA

    Congrats Molly & Laurie! Thank you for sharing your andventures, stories and blogs...best wishes to you both! xo

    Added by Jennifer Froderberg-Sheehy on Fri, Jan 30th 2009

  • seattle

    Hey you two, just wanted to wish you all the love and happiness you deserve. Great website, love the olberman piece, wow! I got linked here via your prop 8 email. Go girls, go! We are all here beside you!

    Added by Roy on Sat, Feb 7th 2009